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Brand Story

Savour & Aura


25+ years


Who we are

Savour and Aura bring to the table a pristine palette and selection of the finest fragrances extracted from various spheres of life. The promise of providing superior quality, the willingness to go beyond making products, and the determination to make people relish the essence of life is the core of our brand. Savour and Aura is your story of being bare, being natural, being free. The idea is to Savour the subtlety of the elements that surround us and create your own Aura of realism and uniqueness.

History & Science

The primary function of our sense of taste goes over and above the basic need of survival. Taste has the power to evoke memories and give us comfort and satisfaction. To experience the magnitude of each ingredient, we need to go beyond our natural ability of merely tasting. We need to discover, re-discover the ever-changing preferences and savour each element. Savour & Aura offers the highest quality in trading and manufacturing of hand-picked fragrances and elements. People behind Savour and Aura have over 25 years of expertise and we resonate ourselves with innovation. Always exploring, we work tirelessly to discover a wide array of elements that fulfil the requirements of our consumer’s high expectations. Our culture is fuelled by our three core corporate values – passion, expertise and creativity. It is this unique blend that is infiltrated in everything we create. Create the finest fragrances that are a true essence of blissful experiences.


We believe in staying true to our roots and our core values, as we evolve with the complex landscape of business.


We believe in discovering, and rediscovering the boundaries of making fragrances and cultivating the finest elements to bring out the best with our products.


With the integration of our new ideas along with the decades of knowledge in the craft of making fragrances and handling precious natural elements, we explore the horizons of eccentricity towards attaining perfection.

We blend the contemporary with the past to create something extraordinary. With the use of modern technologies, we advance ourselves to strive for better every day.